Garage Door & Opener Services

  • Broken Spring Replacement & Repair (all makes & models of Torsion Springs, and convert TorqueMaster™ to Torsion Springs) Standard Torsion Springs are engineered for 10,000 Cycles. We offer upgrades to 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k, and 50k cycle springs to increase the life of your springs. For example, if your 10,000 cycle spring broke in 7 years, you may consider upgrading to a 20,000 cycle spring which should last around 14 years, or upgrade to 30,000 cycle for 21 years average life with same the same approximate usage. Our crews install and wind over 1,000 springs a year, and keep over 300 in stock so our service trucks almost always have the right spring for residential garage door spring replacement in Spokane Valley. Scroll down for spring ordering information guide, or give us a call to assist you.
  • Damaged Section Replacement Amarr®, Crawford™, Kinnear®, Northwest Door®, Raynor®, Stanley®, and select Wayne-Dalton® models (some makes & models have been discontinued, but we try to salvage good used sections so you won’t have to buy a whole new door. For example, if you have a 25-35 year old ribbed steel Crawford Door purchased from Crawford Door Sales Spokane, there is a chance we can get a Northwest Door section to closely match the obsolete Crawford Door section in lieu of replacing the whole door)  We cannot get Stanley Garage Doors, Taylor Garage Doors or Windsor Garage Doors anymore (that Spokane Door Systems installed thousands of these garage doors in Spokane area), but we occasionally save the good used sections we have replaced & give them out on a first come, first serve basis.  Call to see if we have what you are looking for.
  • Tune-up Service Call: Routine maintenance to check for wear & tear and lubricate rollers, hinges, bearings, cables, and springs. Check track alignment, door balance, chain or belt tension on the opener and adjust as needed. Clean safety beam sensors, check motor force adjustments, travel limits, and door seals. Advise of repair or replacement as needed.
  • Opener Troubleshooting & Repair (Crawford™, Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, Kinnear®, Genie®, Raynor®, Sears®, Stanley®, and select Wayne-Dalton® models)
    FACTROY AUTHORIZED Dealer for Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, and Raynor® Garage Door Openers. Some makes & models have been discontinued and are obsolete.
  • Parts & Accessories: Gear Kits, Torsion Springs, Remote Controls, Receiver & Transmitter Combo’s, Wireless Keyless Entry System, Rollers, Hinges, and Door Seals
  • Do-it-Yourself Kits for Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers (special discounting for Home Builders, General Contractors and Pole Barn Builders)
  • Property Management Companies (special discounting to provide parts & repair services w/ preventative maintenance programs)
  • Expert Installation of Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers

NOTE: Because we all work out in the field at times, our office is not always staffed. We always have jobs to look at to make sure we get it right the 1st time without any surprises to you or us because we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please call ahead before stopping by so we can make sure to accommodate your schedule. Our warehouse for D-I-Y pickups is at another location where we can meet you to get you what you need. Thank you!

Below is a diagram of common parts so we can talk the same “lingo” about your garage door problem. A picture is worth a thousand words. Feel free to snap a picture and text or email it to us. It is helpful when you call in to provide as much information as you can including make, model number, size, and year installed. Of course this information is not always readily available, and if so, this is no problem because we have had thousands of conversations regarding garage door trouble and can usually get a feel for what you are up against by asking a few questions. We like to know brands, makes, and models because we know your time is valuable, and want to get your problem resolved quickly. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have protected distributorships, or have gone out of business. If we cannot assist you, we want to get you pointed in the right direction. Just as you probably wouldn’t refer a friend with a Kenworth Truck to go get it repaired at a Volkswagen mechanic shop, by the same token, we want you to get to the right solution to be taken care of fairly, and punctually. We have industry allies throughout eastern Washington that we can recommend if we cannot help you.

Garage Door Parts Diagram


Torsion Spring Ordering:
(LH or RH Wind)_____x ID_____x Wire Size or 20 Coil Measurement_____x Length_____

(Example: for a LH wind, 2” ID, 5” per 20 coils, and 33” length you would order LHx2x.250×33)

Remember that a pair of springs on your garage door are not always identical, so it is important to measure all springs you want to replace. Give a call and if we have a repairman close to your area, we can possibly have the repairman make your spring so you can pick it up from him and save a trip to the warehouse, or we will have the warehouse make one for you and you can pick it up there. We buy our oil tempered spring wire in 12’ lengths, and cut each spring to match the one we are replacing. We stock and use 2” ID spring wire, but we can easily convert 1¾” and 2¼” ID to our 2” ID springs so you get the same lifting power as your old spring even though it may be a little shorter or longer than your previous spring if it was not 2” ID. We run some internet only specials for springs from time to time, so be sure to check out our GREAT DEALS page.


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Showroom (manufacturers showroom for brochures, color samples, full door displays, factory direct D-I-Y door kits etc.) 7:30-4:00 Mon-Fri @ Northwest Door, Inc., 3808 N. Sullivan Rd Building N-7 #3 Spokane Valley, WA 99216 in the Spokane Industrial Park

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