About All-Star Garage Doors, Inc.

All-Star Garage Doors, Inc. was established in 1996 to create a company to provide you choice, quality, and value on the products & services you need for your garage doors & openers. For a onetime homeowner, property management company, or a large general contractor, our mission is to provide what you need at a fair price and to be sensitive to the value of your time while serving you. You are our friends and neighbors who have given us the opportunity to serve you, and from top to bottom, we will never forget that. We have installed several million dollars worth of doors & openers, and that is all we do, and we do it well. We do not roof houses, we do not sell rain gutters. We do not paint bathrooms, or install ceiling fans. We are not cabinet makers, nor do we perform root canals. We are total garage door specialist dedicated to the sales, installation, repair, and replacement of garage doors, openers, and related hardware. This is all we do, and we do it every single day.


In June of 2009, All-Star Garage Doors purchased the garage door inventory from Gale Contractor Services (a MASCO Contractor Services company), and took over their garage door accounts as Gale decided to exit the garage door business in the Spokane/Coeur D’Alene area. All-Star Garage Doors, Inc. also provided the warranty service for Gale installed garage doors and openers that fell under the manufacturer’s and Gale workmanship warranties. Originally, Ron & Jeri Ramm started Spokane Door Systems back in the early 1970’s which later was purchased by Gale/Masco. Between both companies, they installed thousands and thousands of Stanley products (Stanley Garage Doors & Openers are no longer manufactured) along with a lot of Windsor Door and Taylor Doors too. A little later they added Northwest Door, Wayne Dalton Doors, Genie and LiftMaster Openers to their arsenal. Ron Ramm opted for early retirement after the transition, but Jeri continued to work until her retirement in June 2009 after nearly forty years of service. We are forever grateful to Ron & Jeri, and a special thanks to Jeri as her philosophy, wisdom, and teachings she passed along to the Foley’s provided a perfectly smooth transition after her retirement. We have received countless referrals from the Ramm’s, and take it seriously to perform so it would give them a content filled retirement by handing off the garage door baton to a younger generation sharing their vision of customer satisfaction.

Some friendly faces you’ll encounter at All-Star Garage Doors, Inc:

Terri: Industry veteran since 1995, Terri checks the mail, posts payments, makes deposits, and pays the bills amongst a host of other bookkeeping tasks. Although she has never installed a door or opener, Terri is an integral part of our company as she keeps our vendors paid on time (and prods along a tardy owing customer once in a while). Always a cheerful and willing to do what it takes co-worker, Terri has run many parts and pieces needed to finish a job to the field technicians over the years, and keeps the office well supplied and running smooth.


Kyle: Industry veteran since 2005, Kyle is our lead journeyman door installer. Nothing makes Kyle happier than a pile of work orders to get done. Not a man of many words, but an admirable work ethic. You will not have to watch him in action for very long before you will see a very smooth and conscientious installer emerge. He has done it so many times, it will look frustratingly graceful and easy. You can get him to open up by talking about his family, hunting, fishing, or 1969 Cameros.


Ben: Industry veteran since 1991, Ben is our purchaser, dispatcher and scheduler. Ben has installed more than 3,000 doors, so when it gets really busy, you will find him out in the trenches too. Under normal circumstances, Ben works from the office in Davenport and keeps the daily service call requests dispatched out to the closest repairman along with scheduling the door and opener installations for the entire inland empire. Feel free to call Ben with any door problem. He has the uncanny ability to troubleshoot most problems over the phone, and is happy to walk you through a quick fix if it is simple, and is amazingly accurate with repair & replacement phone estimates if our services are needed.


Rick: Industry veteran since 1990, Rick has taken care of most all our Tri-Cities and Yakima area garage door and opener installations since 2010.  We ship materials from Spokane Valley, WA to the Tri-Cities on Thursday afternoons, and Rick usually installs the following week.


Dan: Industry veteran since 2017, Dan came down from Alaska and has been learning the trade under the watchful eye of Kyle.  His cheerful disposition and great attitude is contagious and everyone in the company likes working with Dan.


Peter: Industry veteran since 2001, Peter assists with our Spokane garage door installs on residential new construction & home builder accounts.  Peter also operates his own small business.


Rod: Industry veteran since 1998, Rod only does service work including broken spring replacement, and Spokane garage door repair for our property management accounts.  Rod also has his own business, but we have mutually benefited from a joint venture business relationship since 1998.


Kody & Evan: The boys of Ben & Terri have been “big helpers” since they were knee high and hovering around the feet in the office or while trucks were loaded.  Now they assist in keeping the warehouses & service trucks organized and clean for productive work days.  They can assemble a garage door opener faster then their teacher (Dad) ever could, and are a HUGE help with new fangled technology like the built-in Wi-Fi programming and operation of new LiftMaster garage door openers.


NOTE: Because we all work out in the field at times, our office is not always staffed. We always have jobs to look at to make sure we get the right product installed the 1st time without any surprises to you or us, as we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We forward our land line to our cell phone though, so please call ahead before stopping by so we can make sure we are able to accommodate your schedule. Our warehouse for D-I-Y pickups is at another location. Thank you!

Choice, Quality, and Value

We are often asked, “What is your best garage door and opener?”, and to truthfully reply, we must ask a few questions to find what your needs are. The best garage door or opener is one that best suits your needs. Not everyone needs or can afford the Cadillac or Mercedes Benz of garage doors. Not everyone wants a cheaply made bottom of the line either, and historically most of our customers at least want an upgrade from a typical landlord’s philosophy of “just band-aid it”, or “cheap, cheap, cheap”. We can offer you great value every day, and we do not purchase obsolete foreign manufactured products for bargain priced truckload sales because of the huge risks of costing more, even over a short period of time. We simply refuse to “knowingly or willingly sell you a problem”. Our mission is to provide you with the latest data available so you can make informed decisions from the economy grade to the high end, and understand the benefits & features to select what is right for your project. We are not restricted to one brand, therefore we can offer you a wide selection of products to get the most for your dollar. Regardless of which door or opener you choose, the most important factor of reliability is the installation. We take immense pride in performing top quality installations. We have one, three, five, and ten year workmanship warranties on our installations.



We’re always honest with you. Although we must turn a profit to remain in business, we believe it is OK to profit reasonably as long as we leave you better off than you were before. We know you have to put your trust somewhere because most people will only have garage door needs just a handful of times during their entire life, and we want you to have a good experience not only for your business today, but 10 years from now too. We are human though, and if we did overlook something that we should have done, we fix it. If we made a judgment call that was wrong, we make it right. Of our thousands of customers which we have been privileged to serve, we are pleased to say we have never had a customer complaint filed against us, and that is because we believe in doing the right thing. It is that simple.

Ben Foley (June 2012) Jeri Ramm & Ben Foley Jeri Ramm, Kody and Evan Foley Kyle Loading Trucks
Kyle Ready to Go Peter Ready to Go Steve Getting Ready Terri Foley at Gale Contractor Services
Terry Foley (June 2011) Drew & Gabe Installing

SpokaneValley Phone (509) 892-5144:

11128 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 (Installers Warehouse & Vendor Deliveries Only. No Sales Office.)


Showroom (manufacturers showroom for brochures, color samples, full door displays, factory direct D-I-Y door kits etc.) 7:30-4:00 Mon-Fri @ Northwest Door, Inc., 3808 N. Sullivan Rd Building N-7 #3 Spokane Valley, WA 99216 in the Spokane Industrial Park



Davenport Phone (509) 725-3667:

25901 8th Street Road North, Davenport, WA 99122

P.O. Box 1132 Davenport, WA 99122-1132 (please send all US Mail to this address for both locations)

Idaho Contractor Registration: RCE-31049

Washington Contractor License: ALLSTGD966DK